History of Port Elgin Club


All our senseis are volunteers and are certified Black Belts, registered at the Japanese head dojo in Yokohama, Japan.


  • Feisthauer Sensei, Godan (5th degree, 3rd degree kubodo) - Senior Advisor
  • Marsh Sensei, Yondan (4th degree) - Former Head Sensei/Advisor
  • Wrightson Sensei, Sandan (3rd degree) - Head Sensei
  • Shorey Sensei, Nidan (2nd degree)
  • Parisotto Sensei, Nidan (2nd degree)
  • Laur Sensei, Shodan (1st degree)
  • Neeb Sensei, Shodan (1st degree)
  • Mamo Sensei, Shodan (1st degree)
  • Liddle Sensei, Shodan (1st degree, 2nd degree Gojo Ryu)


We run 2 sessions per year: September-December and January to early June.

Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 6:30 - 8:00 PM except holidays. Classes are held at the North Port Elementary School, 1000 Waterloo, Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C2. Occassionally school events and snow storms pre-empt our schedule. We will keep you informed if they occur. As a courtesy to the Sensei's and fellow students, please arrive on time. If you arrive late and the opening ceremony is in progress please remain in the hall until it is completed, then enter and do your 20 push-ups.

A word about snow storms and snow days: If the buses don't run and the school is OPEN, we will have class but do not feel you have to attend if you are driving from out of town. If the head sensei deems the weather too bad, he will inform everyone via e-mail by 5PM. if however ther are no buses and the school IS CLOSED, there will be no karate and again you will be informed via e-mail (whenever possible).

Our sister dojo, Paisley, meets every Tuesday and Thursday at the Paisley Central School. You are welcome to attend their sessions, and are encouraged to do so if you miss our own. Visiting the Paisley dojo does not cost you extra.


Each session:

Children 8-14: $150.00
Adults 14 and up: $150.00
Family rate: $375.00


Extra Costs:


Gi (uniform)
Available at Sports Bin in Paisley. See contacts for information.
$25.00. Every student MUST have a crest. can be purchased from Sensei Ken.
Historically $80.00/Student. This fee goes directly to our head dojo, Honbu, run by our Canadian Chief Instructor, 8th DanTsumura Shihan. Price subject to change.
Extra Equipment:
Student must wear a mouth guard and groin protection for sparring. these are available at most locations that sells sporting equipment. you are also requiredm to wear gloves during sparring sessions. they are available to borrow from our club.
Each year, Honbu in Toronto hosts a tournament in November and again in May. You will be informed well in advances of specifics. Attendance is encouraged, but voluntary.Fee for participation is currently: